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Welcome [Back] To The Steph and Tara Show!

All About The Steph and Tara Show

Welcome! Don't know how you found us, but we're happy you're here.  And yes, that photo does sum up everything you need to know about us.  Steph is the blonde, Tara is the ginger, for your reference.

If you're thinking hmmm they look/sound familiar, or you're one of our friends who we forced to listen to us, you'd be right - we were at this once before.  We had a few podcasts on iTunes (we'll try to find them for you!) and a website, years ago.  Same name.  We're back now, with more ideas.  So what can you expect coming up?  Podcasts, blog posts, recipes, oh my.  Honestly what you'll find here is really a random collection, with a heavy focus on celebrating - we absolutely love all holidays and parties.

We'll have a daily podcast called Half-Baked Holidays, which you'll be able to access and subscribe to on iTunes.  Every morning you can hear one or both of us talking about that day's random national holiday.  For example, that March 8 is National Pancake Day, and that you can get free pancakes at IHOP.  Or did you know that October 4 is National Taco Day?  Do you know how many free or discounted tacos you can get?! Don't worry - we'll be here to tell you, every morning, so you can plan your day accordingly.  Because every day should be a celebration.  And because no pet owner should forget that August 26 is National Dog Day.

The Steph and Tara Show is more than just this one podcast though.  We'll have more here on the blog - like corresponding food and drink recipes for the holidays, plus party ideas and plans, life updates on our adventures (which include a lot of tailgates, bar crawls, and costume parties), and old stories.  We'll also have more chit-chat type podcasts about all sorts of topics, just not daily like Half-Baked Holidays.  Don't worry, it'll be all one podcast channel for you to subscribe to.

All About Steph and Tara

Some history for you - Tara is from Iowa and Steph is from Illinois.  Both attended THE University of Iowa for college, though Steph is one year older.  We had mutual friends but didn't hang out much until after graduation.  We both moved to Chicago for law school (different schools) and eventually Steph invited Tara to a party at her apartment.  Tara promptly decided they'd be friends after Steph made her play Edward 40 Hands.  Steph promptly decided they'd be friends when Tara showed up prepared with gloves.  The LLBFF friendship was born.  And then solidified throughout every dive bar in Chicago.

About Tara: Tara is the talent behind finding the most ridiculous holidays and coming up with ideas about how you can celebrate.  Most of the recipes come from her.  She likes Chinese food, fish bowls, and dressing in theme for every occasion.

About Steph: Steph blogs over at Not Entirely Perfect.  She runs behind the scenes things like website work and general blogging.  If you see a cocktail cupcake, that's from Steph.  She likes nachos, pbr, and soaking gummy bears in vodka.

About Our Mascot

This, this is Hawkeye.

The official mascot of The Steph and Tara Show.  See?  She's even in costume, she knows what's up.  You'll be seeing a lot of her on the blog.  We'd include her in the podcast, but she doesn't talk.  Yet.

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