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2017 Week 5

Monday, January 30 - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day 
Are you looking for a free way to celebrate? Well there is a free bubble wrap app so that you can pop some bubble wrap today! Also, CNN is celebrating with us (kind of they were a week early lol http://www.cnn.com/2016/01/25/us/bubble-wrap-appreciation-day/) Don't forget to upload your bubble popping video to Twitter and tag both #CNNiReport and @stephtarashow!

Tuesday, January 31 - Hot Chocolate Day 
So much better than cocoa! Do you have a good recipe to share?

Wednesday, February 1 - Change Your Password Day
Just because neither Steph nor I shall be participating doesn't mean you can't!

Thursday, February 2 - Groundhog Day and Sled Dog Day
Seriously, check out the movies Groundhog's Day and Balto! Also here is #TeamSpiceAttack during the Chiditarod

Friday, February 3 - Bubblegum Day

Saturday, February 4 - Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

 Sunday, February 5 - Superbowl Sunday, World Nutella Day, Chocolate Fondue Day
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